Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Courses This Weeks at Jamu Spa School

We have  three students at Jamu Spa School this week. The two of them in Traditional Balinesse Massage class, and one of them in Reflexology class.

Packages Week - Traditional Balinese Massage (35 Hours)
Package Price 275 USD/person 

The Traditional Balinese massage is our signature course. The Balinese massage course is a traditional treatment which trains you in the art of acupressure, skin rolling, muscle manipulation and warm sweeping strokes. It is a combination of different techniques that the Balinese have adapted and created their own unique style.

This medium-firm massage uses oil and is designed to give deep stimulation to the soft tissues. The Balinese massage forms a good base for other courses like Body Scrub & Wraps and gives general knowledge about Body Massage.

Packages Week - Reflexology (35 Hours)
Package Price 275 USD/person

The Reflexology course uses ancient healing and pressure point techniques on the reflex points on the feet. The reflexology massage relaxes tension, removes congestion in the body and helps to activate the healing power of the body.

Learn how to the treat the different reflex points and areas of the feet together with the power of touch.

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