Sunday, July 18, 2010

Theta Spa, Spa at Kuta beach

Theta spa is a new breed spa, offering sensuous treatments without disrupting the natural order of things. We are the only spa in Bali that connects fresh herbs, seasonal produce, and organic pure essential oils with smart design and a whole lot of heart.

Created to meet a growing market desire for a wellbeing and spa destination in an area convenient to the major hotels of Jimbaran as well as the Bukit Penninsula,

Theta provides a contemporary designed exterior with a state of the art modern interior.

Artfully created with the horizon and sea and sky as the backdrop Theta uses a gentle colour palette and natural fabrics to play into the earthly and aquatic elements that surround it.

Treatments take place in beautifully appointed rooms that can welcome the sea breeze or gentle air-conditioning. Guest relaxation options include a full bar of healthy drinks, champagne, and a menu of healthy light cuisine.

The therapies at Theta are simple and straightforward. Using high quality essential oils and natural ingredients the Theta staff combines the products to their guest’s requirements.

The Theta approach is one of symbiosis, working with the body’s natural vibrations to create optimum enhancement of health. Through working with, rather than imposing on the body treatments flow more easily with the internal energies. Theta therapists recognize that health and wellbeing is about radiating an inner feeling rather that adhering to a rigidity of systems that restrict or constrict the body and all care is taken to provide guests with a feeling of comfort and relaxation. 

A full appreciation of individual health is created through the provision of ongoing services that support the body to change slowly. Especially when on holiday the body, removed from its routine, can release tensions previously contained, this can give rise to stresses that were suppressed by the regular activity of each day. Skin can also respond to a new environment in different ways, the reduction of make-up and environmental pollutants with an increased exposure to sunlight can accelerate toxin removal and cause temporary skin conditions that can be balanced by gentle facials.

Total cleansing at the start of the holiday with supported treatments during a vacation can give guests at Theta a deep rejuvenation and prolonged sense of wellbeing long after they have returned home. With its proximity to the airport the Post Flight treatment can be enjoyed almost immediately on arrival in Bali and Pre Flight treatment for relaxation can be taken just before check in, with a complimentary pre-flight refreshing drink you can feel first class whatever your departure status.

Located in heart of Kuta within walking distance to international restaurants, malls, shops, restaurants and the famous Kuta beach

Ngurah Rai Int’l Airport : 5 minutes
Discovery Shopping Mall : 5 minutes
DFS & Galeria Shopping Mall : 15 minutes
Kuta beach : 10 minutes
Seminyak : 25 minutes
Sanur : 45 minutes
Nusa Dua : 30 minutes
Jimbaran : 20 minutes
Uluwatu : 30 minutes

10.00 AM – 11.00 PM

Cash US$, Yen, Rupiah
Credit Card Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB


Private Spa Room
3 Double/Couple Spa Room
6 Single Spa Room
10 Seat (Foot & Head treatments, Jetlag Treatment)

Outdoor Beach Front
8 Beds (Foot & Body Massage)
Gazebo / Massage Hut
4 Gazebos (8 beds)/(Foot & Body Massage)

Hair Treatments
* Hair Cut
* Shampoo & Blow Dry
* Hair Set / Up do
* Perm
* Hair Straightening
* Super Hair Straightening
* Coloring
* Hair Treatment

Make Up
* Eyebrow Shaping
* Eyelash Extension
* Eyelash Perm

Nail Salon
* Manicure
* Pedicure

Nail Art & Decoration
* Tip Sparkling
* French Art
* Marble Design
* Paintin

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