Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spa Glossary K

Krauter Bath :
The Krauter Bath is based on German natural remedy, this is a strong, aromatic herbal bath solution.

Kur Or Cure :
From the German "kur," and from the French "cure", a planned course of spa treatments that typically involve hydrotherapy, mud baths, algae, and herbs. "Taking the kur" might be a ten -to twenty- day process every three months.

Kneipp Baths :
Kneipp Baths is a form of water therapies originated by Germany's Father Sebastian Kneipp, a holistic teacher and proponent of natural remedies. Originally involving dips in the icy Danube, nowadays the therapy involves immersion both in warm and cold water.

Kinesthetic Awareness :
Kinesthetic Awareness is a technique which gives sensitivity to the moment of your body through space that contributes to your ability to balance and move rhythmically and fluidly. It is sometimes developed as a self-awareness technique for spiritual growth.