Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spa Glossary B

Balneology :

Thermal water used for therapeutic purposes along with other mineral elements: water vapours, mud and natural thermal gases. Thermal waters have to receive a certification by the French Health Ministry in order to bear this name.

Balneotherapy :

The use of water to restore and revitalize the body. Since Roman times, balneotherapy has been used to improve circulation, fortify the immune system, and relieve pain and stress.

Body Wrap (Herbal Wrap) :

Treatment in which strips of cloth are soaked in herbal teas and cocooned around the body.

Bindi :

The Bindi is a Bodywork combining exfoliation, herbal treatment, and light massage.

Brush and Tone :

Brush and Tone is a treatment of dry brushing of the skin intended to remove dead layers and impurities while stimulating circulation. This is one of many exfoliating techniques used as a pretreatment for mud and seaweed body masks that are formed by the application of a moisturizing lotion.