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Puri Esthetic Spa Sanur Bali ( CLOSED )

Relax into a world of luxurious seclusion, stylish service and spiritual contentment. Set amidst a lush and rambling tropical garden, Puri Esthetic has been providing a unique level of personalized, professional spa service since opening in March 1998. The personal vision of owner Lili Herawati, has seen this beautiful former residence transformed into Bali's premier luxury spa hideaway.

Puri Esthetic's successful philosophy is based on a caring and individual approach to all our guests. This commitment is supported by modern facilities, staffed by highly trained professionals using only locally selected, quality natural products.

Our spacious property allows us to expand and tailor make our services to cater for groups, as well as individuals. The luxurious setting accommodates a total of eight individually designed treatment rooms (V.I.P. rooms also available) and a large, ultra modern salon for hair and beauty treatments.

As a privately owned and run enterprise, Puri Esthetic's essential driving force is its individuality. Combining the essence of tradition with today's modern expectations of quality, Puri Esthetic offers the ultimate in world class spa services.


Soothe your senses in the elegant comfort and private luxury of the Puri Esthetic Spa. Relax into a world of personal attention, in the cool welcome haven of our spacious treatment rooms and the tropical calm of our exotic gardens.

Luxuriate in our exceptional attention to detail as you experience our traditional treatments. By extracting the delicate characteristics of local flowers, herbs and spices, our sophisticated spa products have been designed to invigorate and nourish the mind, body and soul.

Puri Esthetic is your very own leisurely hideaway, providing a secluded oasis ideal for intimate dining or carefree lounging before, between or after your treatments.

Come to relax, refresh and rejuvenate in the unhunied atmosphere of Puri Esthetic Spa because here, time is always on your side.

Puri Esthetic Spa Special Packages

01. Puri Esthetic Luxury ( 5 Hours )
Packages Price USD 200.00
The ultimate in luxurious pampering, beginning with a Puri Esthetic Massage, your choice of body scrubs, a soothing exotic flower bath. When you are completely relaxed we continue with a traditional facial, manicure, pedicure and a scrumptious creambath. You will radiate with inner beauty. Lunch or dinner will be served during or after treatment.

02. Puri Esthetic Salon Package ( 3 Hours )
Packages Price USD 105.00
This beautifying treatment begins with a rejuvenating facial, followed by a Manicure Pedicure and relaxing Creambath (hair and scalp treatment) with wash and blow dry. Ginger tea & fresh fruit are served during your treatment.

03. Puri Esthetic Sunset ( 3 Hours )
Packages Price USD 105.00
Begin with a Puri Esthetic combined technique massage, followed by a rejuvenating facial treatment. The crowning glory is a luxurious traditional hair conditioning treatment called Creambath, which includes a scrumptious scalp massage with nourishing conditioning cream, wash and blow dry. Your hair will be thick and shiny with lots of healthy movement. Ginger tea & fresh fruit are served during your treatment.

04. Puri Esthetic Delight ( 3 Hours )
Packages Price USD 105.00
This package begins with our special Puri Esthetic Massage followed by your choice of body scrubs (see above) and wallow in an exotic flower bath, followed by a rejuvenating facial treatment. Ginger tea & fresh fruit are served during your treatment.

05. Puri Esthetic Sunrise ( 2,5 Hours )
Packages Price USD 100.00
This package begins with a Puri Esthetic Massage followed by a Facial using the finest quality traditional Indonesian products. The finishing touch is a hair treatment (wash and blow dry). Ginger tea & fresh fruit are served during your treatment.

06. Warm Stone Therapy ( 2 Hours )
Packages Price USD 70.00
Lavender Body Wash.
Choice of Body Scrubs including Body Mask.
Warm Stone Massage.
Enjoy a cup of ginger Tea.

07. All Herbal Treatment ( 2 Hours )
Packages Price USD 75.00
Herbal Massage using Indonesian Herbal Compress.
Herbal Body Scrub.
Herbal Body Mask.
Herbal Flower Bath.
Enjoy a Cup of Ginger Tea.

08. Bali Mocha Scrub ( 2 Hours )
Packages Price USD 70.00
Choice of Body Massage.
Bali Coffee Body Scrub.
Carrot Body Mask.
Aromatherapy Foam Flower Bath.
Enjoy a Cup of Bali Coffee or Ginger Tea.

09. Seaweed Scrub (2 Hours)
Packages Price USD 70.00
Choice of Body Massage.
Seaweed Body Scrub.
Seaweed Body Mask.
Aromatherapy Sea Salt Crystal Bath.
Enjoy a Cup of Cool Red Rice Tea.

10. Milk Soothing ( 2 Hours )
Packages Price USD 70.00
Choice of Body Massage.
Milk Scrub.
Yogurt Body Mask.
Milk Flower Bath.
Enjoy a Cup of Ginger Tea.

11. Green Tea Bliss ( 2 Hours )
Packages Price USD 70.00
Choice of Body Massage ( Balinese/Herbal or Shiatsu Massage )
Green Tea Body Scrub.
Green Tea Body Mask.
Herbal Flower Bath.
Enjoy a Cup of Ginger Tea.

12. Massage and Body Scrubs ( 2 Hours )
Packages Price USD 65.00
Balinese Boreh with Cucumber Body Mask
Javanese Lulur with Yogurt Body Mask
Celebes Murud with Carrot Body Mask
Scrub Temu with Carrot Body Mask

Calm your mind, relax your muscles and soothe your soul in an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. Boreh, made from a mixture of indigenous herbs and spices including nutmeg, pepper, cloves, ginger, Javanese long pepper, Curcuma heyneana and rice powder is a traditional Balinese body scrub that has been used for centuries to warm the body, improve blood circulation and relieve muscular aches and pains, chills and headaches.

We begin your ritual with a massage using an aromatherapy oil to nourish and soothe the skin and eliminate tensions from your muscles. We follow this with a Boreh paste of indigenous herbs and spices, including nutmeg, pepper, cloves, ginger and rice powder. As you are gently exfoliated, experience a sensation of warmth as your therapist massages your neck and shoulders. We gently apply a cucumber body mask to cool, moisturize and soothe. Finally, enjoy the pleasure of a traditional mandi to cleanse your body and relaxing flower bath while enjoy a cup of ginger tea.

Lulur originated in the royal palaces of Central Java, and is still practiced among Indonesian woman and spa goers in Asia. The ritual, which traditionally lasts for the 40 days prior to the wedding, is honored as a time for nurturing and privacy when the women of the family can share sacred stories with the young girl. Lulur is given to the bride-to-be to purify, beautify, soften, and sweeten her skin.

The Puri Esthetic lulur ritual begins with a massage with coconut oil infused with pandanus leaves and cempaka flowers followed by exfoliation with a blend of rice, turmeric, sandalwood, jasmine flowers and a hint of jasmine oil, leaving the skin gently scented. The massage and exfoliation treatments are followed by a flower bath laced with petals of jasmine, rose frangipani seasonal aromatic blossoms and astringent leaves.

During the bath, the bride sips a traditional tonic beverage called jamu. Made of turmeric, ginger, egg yolk, and healing herbs, jamu tones the blood. in modern times, the lulur is completed with and application of jasmine and frangipani moisturizer. The ritual itself takes about 2 hours. As a spa treatment, this is one of the most pampering experiences available today.

A scrub made of turmeric, and fresh coconut, which is soothing for sunburns and dry or dead skin, This is followed by a body mask made from finely grated carrot and fresh coconut milk. Carrot has been regarded by the ancient healers as the 'herbal healer' of skin diseases. Indeed vitamin A or beta-carotene, of which carrot is rich, can be considered the main vitamins for the skin. Dry skin, with impurities, acne, difficulty in tanning, sunburns, eritema, premature appearance of wrinkles all these things can depend largely on this vitamin.

Carrot is therefore very useful for the skin for its properties. Coconut milk contains natural emollients which moisturize the skin, helping to prevent it from wrinkling. The oil in coconut milk locks in moisture and softens the skin. To finish the treatment you will enjoy an exotic flower bath.

Hand-crushed rice is blended with traditional spices to revitalize skin by gentle exfoliation, using firm effleurage massage movements to create a healthy glow. The naturally astringent temu lawak roots are blended with cloves and ginger to warm the body and the muscles by increasing blood circulation.

This treatment is excellent for restoring dead skin cells, is composed of turmeric and rempah-rempah (a traditional spicy mixture), followed by a carrot body mask and finally enjoy a relaxing flower bath. The concept of applying herbs to increase the blood circulation is an age-old method used in Bali.

Validity until 31 March 2008
Prices may change without prior notic

Puri Esthetic Spa Treatments Service

01. Traditional Balinese Massage ( 1 Hour )
Packages Price USD 30.00
This is Full body massage using aromatherapy oil, combining acupressure and Balinese style stretching techniques. This treatment will greatly increase your sense of serenity and well-being with the added bonus of improving your blood circulation.

02. Shiatsu ( 1 Hour )
Packages Price USD 30.00
Gentle form of Japanese massage that uses the palms and forearm, elbows, knees and feet to apply pressure on accupoints good for relieving stress and calming nerves.

03. Four-Handed Massage ( 1 Hour )
Packages Price USD 40.00
It doubles the pleasure of massage by having two therapists massaging you simultaneously. Our massage technique uses a blend of Shiatsu, traditional Thai and Indonesian massage, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi and Swedish massage with aromatherapy oils.

04. Herbal Packs Massage ( 1 Hour )
Packages Price USD 45.00
Our herbal packs are made from aromatic herbs, leaves and flowers sourced from around Indonesia. These packs are steamed and then pressed onto the body to relax, relieve sore muscles and penetrate deep warmth. This is a deeply relaxing treatment.

05. Warm Stone Massage ( 80 Minutes )
Packages Price USD 40.00
The warm stone massage entails the use of smooth warm stones in long, flowing strokes on your body. The stones are placed on strategic energy points to ease tension muscular aches and pains.

06. Puri Esthetic Massage ( 1,5 Hours )
Packages Price USD 50.00
A Puri esthetic specialty that combines several techniques: Balinese, Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu and Acupressure, using our aromatic massage oils. Enchance your aliveness.

07. Padma The Lotus ( 1 Hours )
Packages Price USD 25.00
Indulge in a gentle and relaxing combination of reflexology and acupressure. By easing tension and fatigue accumulated in your feet and ankles, this treatment will give you an airy sense of well-being. As if you are floating on lotus petals.

08. Dawa The Moon ( 1 Hours )
Packages Price USD 25.00
Let yourself go for an hour, while our skilled therapist in reflexology and acupressure, helps you relieve built-up pressure and stress in your feet, ankles, neck and shoulders. A feeling of lightness will fly you to the moon.

09. Jiwa The Soul ( 90 minutes )
Packages Price USD 35.00
While perfectly at ease in our comfortable chair this unique combination of a foot massage and soothing reflexology of the head, neck and shoulders will help relieve negative energy. aches and migraines. Clear your mind and soothe your soul.

10. Herbal Ratus (80 Minutes )
Packages Price USD 10.00
Fragrant smoke for woman, combustion of Indonesian dried herbs, great to improve woman�s womb health.

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