Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Massage Therapists

Massage therapists might be right out of school or have twenty years experience -- and it costs the same! So how do you find great massage therapists, especially if you hope to see them for massage on a regular basis?

* Ask For Referrals!
Getting recommendations for massage therapists from friends is always a good idea. You can even ask massage therapists for a recommendations if they are moving, don't do the kind of massage you're looking for, or work at a fancy spa that is out of your budget for ongoing treatments. If you're local, massage therapists might even have a private practice at more affordable rates.

* Talk To The Spa Receptionist.It helps if you can describe the kind of massage that you like so you get matched up with the right massage therapist. It tends to be "pot luck" at spas, and you get whoever is available at the time you want. But the more information you can give the receptionist (and the further ahead you book) the more options you'll have. Request specific massage therapists if you have a referral.

* Read Massage Therapists' Literature.
Massage therapists in private practice usually have pamphlets describing their experience and philosophy and the type of massage they do. Look for them in chiropractor or naturopathic doctor offices. If you like what you read, give them a call and ask a few questions.