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Dh Spa Bali ( CLOSED )

Bali Spa service provide by dh Spa Bali is a wide range of service. DH Spa offers the health treatment of body and soul with the touch from well training masseurs in special therapy at least three months dh Spa lesson course to become therapist. dh Spa Bali was established in 1999, and as a good Spa service DH Spa Bali offers product made from 100% natural material. And the basic ingredient of dh Spa original massage oils are imported from France. Their well-trained therapist has done mixing oils at salon.

The oil which is choose by customer is kindled at room, used for Massage, flower bath, etc. You will enjoy a fragrance while you are staying at dh spa treatment room. The menu that is including oil massage, the customers choose the favorite oil from 7 kinds of dh Spa original oils. The statement of the powers of oils is provided at Lobby.

As a Complete Day Spa in Bali, dh Spa Bali also have Hair Treatment, Herbal Milk Bath, Volcanic Mud Body Treatment, Lavender Body Treatment, and many high quality service.

Opening hours :
- 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM - Except Nyepi day

Free transport :
- Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur. Except Ubud area & Tanah Lot additional charge will be implemented amounting US $ 18/Person minimum 2 persons.

Price List :
- All the prices are subject to 10%service charge.

- Yen, US$, Rupiah in cash, Travelers check, additional charge 3% will be added for payment by Credit Card (VISA/MASTER/JCB) are acceptable.

Spa area :
- Land size 650 m2,include building approximate 350 m2 with 2 Balinese traditional architecture. Our Balinese style entrance gate will welcome you, and along the way to lobby you will pass the unique style of our garden. Parking area are available for 3 cars, more than 3 cars are also available to be parked along the main road of By Pass Ngurah Rai street and Puri Bendesa street.

Interior :
- Natural wooden style interior will taste you a warm hospitality and comfortable atmosphere.

Treatment Room :
- Total eight treatment rooms all with twin bed. (1st floor four rooms, 2nd floor four rooms)

Facilities :
- All rooms are air conditioned. All the treatment rooms have same facilities equipped with locker, dresser and large bathtub with hot shower. 2 rest rooms are on the 1st floor, 1 rest room is on the 2nd floor at the salon room.

Japanese Staff :
- We have 1 person Japanese staff to cover the Guest Relation which was prepared to fully support for all the Japanese guests.

Reception :
- All of our receptionists are women and they are speaking/ communicating by Japanese language since our guest majority Japanese so that guests will feel more comfort while they are choosing treatment menu. Book telephoning is available both by English and Japanese.

Therapist :
- All of our therapists are women. We have minimum three months dh Spa lesson course to become therapist. Final check will be conducted by therapist trainer and Japanese Guest Relation Officer to determine the therapist pass the qualification standard. We also train therapist to understand manner and language to take care Japanese guests.

Transport :
- While transporting the guest from the hotel to dh Spa one receptionist will accompanying to serve the guest and explaining our treatment menu, details about products and would be very pleased to answer the question it may asked by the guest.

Service :
- We provide fresh cinnamon tea and cold face towel to welcoming guests. Also, we provide Herbal tea and some biscuits while the guests taking flower bath or cream-bath.

Oil :
- dh Spa original essential oils are imported from France. Oils are compounded by our well trained therapist. Those oils are less stimulate and available to use even for extremely sensitive skin with relieved.

Ingredients :
- Our product are made from 100% natural ingredients and compounded prior the guest arrival to guarantee those product fresh so that treatments will meets guest̢۪s satisfaction.

Guest comment :
- To improve our service, the guests are provided by guest comment form which will be given after treatments. And the comment form will be evaluated by our Guest Relation to develop our standard service to meet the guest̢۪s satisfaction.

Others :
- Lobby are fully air conditioned with natural wooden style. Our product (dh Spa essential oil, aromatherapy oil, natural scrub, etc) are available to be purchased by the guest at Lobby. Waiting room for guides and drivers also provided facilitated with television, news paper etc.

dh Spa Special Packages

01. Beauty & Unique Costume (180 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 98.00
Begin by Wearing Balinese costume with Balinese make Up and continue with dh Spa Rhapsody or Avocado Skin Treatment.

02. Royal Beauty Set (180 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 108.00
- dh Spa Rhapsody or Avocado Skin Care
- Traditional Hair Treatment.

03. Oriental Beauty Set (180 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 108.00
- Aromatherapy Facial
- Traditional Hair Treatment
- Foot Total Care.

04. Plumeria Beauty Set (240 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 138.00
- Lavender Body Treatment
- Aromatherapy Facial
- Traditional Hair Treatment.

05. Paradise Couple Packages (300 Minutes) for 2 persons
Packages Price USD 248.00
- Balinese Traditional Costume
- ds Spa Rhapsody
- Coconut Hair Treatment
- Seafood Lunch or Dinner.

dh Spa Miracle Slimming Spa Packages

A Special slimming massages techniques to disentangled over fat on the body and rejuvenate the skin using original materials from France. Normally in 1 time treatment you can see / fell the result.

01. Total Body (140 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 125.00
- Milk flower bath [ 20 Minutes ]
- Warming body massage [ 15 Minutes]
- Leg slimming & Hip Up [ 40 Minutes ]
- Waist shape [ 30 Minutes ]
- Upper Arm [ 10 Minutes ]
- Bust Up & back [ 25 Minutes ]

02. Leg & Hip Up(70 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 75.00
- Milk Flower Bath [ 20 Minutes ]
- Warming Body Massage [ 10 Minutes]
- Leg slimming & Hip Up [ 40 Minutes ]

03. Waist Shape & Hip Up (70 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 75.00
- Milk Flower Bath [ 20 Minutes ]
- Warming Body Massage [ 10 Minutes]
- Waist Shape & Hip Up [ 40 Minutes ]

04. Bust Up & Upper Arm (65 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 75.00
- Milk Flower Bath [ 20 Minutes ]
- Warming Body Massage [ 10 Minutes]
- Upper Arm Slimming [ 10 Minutes ]
- Bust Up & Back [ 25 Minutes ]

dh Spa Treatment Service

01. Coconut Hair Treatment (60 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 48.00
Special hair and scalp treatment begin by stimulate shampooing continue with rejuvenating cream, Traditional neck and shoulder massage to relax scalp muscle and increase blood circulation.

02. Herbal Milk Bath (120 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 58.00
A package to create a relax and rejuvenate feeling, start with flower foot bath, body wash, continue with our Traditional Balinese Massage. Followed by clean and stimulating your skin by herbal body scrub and moisturizer. End by relaxing into warm herbal flower bath.

03. Volcanic Mud Body Treatment (90 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 55.00
Beginning with foot bath and body wash, and traditional Balinese massage, lets the volcanic mud enlighten your skin, prevent wrinkles, and clean the pores while giving nutrients and mineral back to your skin, en by relaxing into warm aromatic flower bath.

04. dh Spa Rhapsody (120 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 78.00
Special package started with jasmine foot bath and body wash, relax your body in one hour aromatherapy massage and continue by fresh natural jasmine body scrub to clean and stimulate your skin, and followed by relaxing facial treatment, let’s your body warm by our aromatherapy flower bath before the body lotion is applied to entire body.

05. Avocado Skin Care (120 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 65.00
Soak and relax your feet into lavender foot bath, body wash, followed by Balinese traditional massage and avocado body masque to smoothes the skin, and continue by relaxing facial treatment. End by relaxing into warm aromatherapy flower bath.

06. Lavender Body Treatment (120 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 70.00
Special package created for relaxation and rejuvenation, start with Lavender flower foot bath, body wash and Balinese traditional massage and followed by body scrub, then lavender yoghurt of moisturizer, last finished with warm aromatic flower bath.

07. Shirodara Head Treatment (60 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 70.00
Enjoy your self with the ultimate in relaxation as you enjoy the VATA of the Ayur Weda treatment or “ the Science of life “ is an ancient healing tradition from India.

dh Spa Body Massage

01. Aroma Therapy Massage (75 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 36.00
A combination of Asian therapeutic massage to transmit the pressure, force or energy, to create highly therapeutic effect.

02. Balinese Traditional Massage (75 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 38.00
Traditional therapeutic massage to greatly improve blood circulation, reduces tension ,stress, and relieves muscles.

03. Swedish Massage (75 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 38.00
A harmonized synergy based on the Asian and European techniques massage, a perfect way to rejuvenate tired muscles and relaxed the mind.

04. Lomi-lomi Massage (75 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 38.00
Therapeutic Hawaiian techniques massage with special strokes to relax both of powerful and gentle.

05. Foot Total Care (75 Minutes)
Packages Price USD 38.00
Foot treatment including foot bath, massage and foot scrub.

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